1981: RRRWS was organized & established under Minnesota Statute 116A. Construction of :
         –water treatment plant 
         –two wells
         –one water tower
         –a booster station and
         –service to 285 customers and three communities.
1985: The system began pumping water to customers.
1990: City of Wilder and new rural users were added.
         –A new well and treatment plant modifications were also completed.
1993: A connection & booster station to Balaton & Lincoln Pipestone RWS was constructed.
1996: RRRWS was granted $600,000(State Bonding Bill) and $4.0 millioni to build:
        –500,000 gallon water tower
        –261 services to rural residences
        –240 miles of main line
        –service to Odin and Ormsby and a connection with Windom.
1998: City of Dundee was added.
2000: Lake Shetek Project services were added.
2001: A booster station was constructed to provide Butterfield with St. James water.
        –200,000 gallon water tower was constructed
        –water service to 213 rural residences.
2003: RRRWS was funded $3.5 million to construct:
        –service to 231 new members
        –a booster station
        –160 miles of pipeline.
2005: USDA awarded $6.9 million to build: 2005-2006 Project
        –service to 460 new members
        –a water tower
        –a treatment plant
        –270 miles of pipeline
2005: KATRINA!
        -Construction Cost increase 25%
        -Subsequent Funding needed
2006: additional $1.8 million awarded
2007: additional $1.0 million awarded and an additional 60 members and Windom Loop added
            to 2005-2006 Project.
2007: awarded $12.0 million USDA loan and grant package for Nobles/Jackson Project, slated to add 565
            new members and a water purchase from Osceola RW in Iowa.   
December 2007: Finished 2005-2006 Project.
2009 Transferred $12 million package to Lincoln Pipestone Rural Water
2009 Began project to add 125 new members and system improvements. Funding application,
           engineering report, environmental  review and final plans and specifications completed
           for $2.65 million project. Finished in spring 2011
2010-2011 added City of Storden in a value added project.
         Waiting for funding from USDA Rural Development Stimulus Monies
2011 Designed, received funding, completed small $689,000 project that added 51 new
         members mostly around Lake Sarah.
2012 Taking a deep breath, catching up on some maintenance items and planning the next
          large, multi-phase project.

2013: Acquisition of the Jackson/Martin County Project which includes service to 275 members and 3 small cities, and 200 miles of pipeline. Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3.

2014: Built a 13 mile expansion to the City of Lewiville. Began looking for additional water sources.

2013 to 2015: Built 75 additional services within our Internal Distribution area.

2015: Began construction of JM project this fall. Began design of 500 GPM addition to the Lake August Well Field and Treatment Plant. Secured 160 acres for a new water source area. Completed a 30 day pump test and 30 day recovery period to permit the new source. DNR requirement. Pre-application to USDA for $11,250,000 project. 3 phases Designing a new service area to include 400 members and 1 small city.

Red Rock Rural Water System

2,025 rural service connections
10 small cities: Delft, Dovray, Garvin, Wilder, Odin, Ormsby, Dundee, Butterfield, Storden, Evan and emergency hook up with Jeffers
Estimated population served: 8,000 in portion of 9 counties: Brown, Cottonwood, Jackson, Lyon, Martin, Murray, Nobles, Redwood, and Watonwan.
About 1,800 miles of pipeline from 1.5 inch to 10 inch
Great diversity of water quality and quantity: 6 water sources
       –RRRWS – Great Bend Source
       –RRRWS – Lake Augusta Source
       –Lincoln-Pipestone Rural Water
       –St. James
12 pressure reducing valve stations
6 booster stations
4 ground storage reservoirs
4 water towers
6 wells
2 treatment plants
Office Building, 2 Storage facilities
And most importantly, 10 GREAT EMPLOYEES